Bike Share to Leave New Rochelle


For Immediate Release: December 1, 2019

Contact: Mary Lynch

NEW ROCHELLE – The City of New Rochelle, together with P3 Global Management (P3GM) will end the bike share agreement with P3GM’s New Rochelle Bike Share.

Despite efforts to create a frequently used program in the City of New Rochelle, there has been a lack of demand for bike sharing services within the community. As a result, New Rochelle Bike Share service will end as of December 31st, 2019.

P3GM and New Rochelle Bike Share thank the City of New Rochelle and the public for their continued support of the program since its inception in May of 2018.

P3GM is proud to have served the residents of New Rochelle and its visitors. P3GM and New Rochelle Bike Share are proud to have provided this public service and to have encouraged the use of environmentally friendly and health conscious transit options. All annual pass holders should contact with any questions or to be reimbursed for any unused percentage of the pass.

P3GM looks forward to serving the City of New Rochelle again in the future.

About P3GM

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